Welcome to the web-site of the Clan Irwin Surname DNA Study. This Study was launched in 2005, with the assistance of Kent Irvin, and the website was re-vamped in 2011 with the assistance of Rick Byers.  Both the Study and the website remain under the aegis of the Clan Irwin Association (CIA), although CIA is not accountable for the content of this website. 

Highlights of this current Update No.17:
  • Steady growth of our Study continues, with over 360 participants.
  • Our count of 30 unrelated genetic families using the surname Irwin or variant spellings remains unchanged, suggesting that few more such families remain to be identified. 
  • Our Borders genetic family, now with over 240 members, is possibly the largest such family in any DNA Surname project.
  • One of our participants, Rev. Peter Irvine (not a close relative of mine!), has just launched the Irvine Clan Autosomal DNA Project, to develop the potential of the Family Finder tests involving Irwins, however spelt.  This initiative should fill a need that I have neither the time nor skill to address.  Peter already runs another DNA project and FTDNA has approved his becoming a co-administrator of this Study, which enables him to access the FF data for the 70 participants who have already taken this test.  But he has undertaken not to disclose this data without permission of the participant concerned.  He intends to develop his new project slowly, so if you are interested please be patient and await his invitation to join his project.   
  • Analysis of Geno2 test results suggest this test adds little to the goals of our Study.
  • Ten participants in our Study have now taken BigY tests.  Although only three tests result for L555 Border Irwins are available and analysis thereof is still proving difficult, initial findings are summarisied in my latest version of the Clan Irwin Phylogenetic Tree attached to Supplementary Paper 5.   
  • I remain confident Big Y tests are "the way ahead" for our Study, to the extent that I now feel able to recommend that one participant, preferably the modal (i.e. top-listed) participant in the [BA - now done], BB, BD, BE, Bel, B9, B14, B15, B16 and B23 sub-groups takes a BigY test.  As these cost $575 some members of these sub-groups may wish to pool contributions to finance a modal representative of the relevant sub-group.  I have held back on this recommendation until I was confident it would be worthwhile.  At this stage it would be wasteful of both money and everyone's time for more than one participant in each genetic family or sub-group to do a BigY test as the new Deep Clade tests (which will be designed on BigY test findings) will hopefully soon be able to provide much cheaper and more digestible information for the majority of participants in our Study.
                            James M Irvine,  Surrey, UK;
 Study Administrator, 6 November 2014;
Kit no. 29479;  ISOGG Member.

PS   I am at last confident of my ability to understand BigY test results, and been able to update Supplementary Paper 5 and incorporate our first five L555 BigY test results in a new Border Irwins Phylogentic Tree which shows the potential of BigY tests and why we now need a participant from each of our other Borders sub-groups to take a BigY test.

James M Irvine, 23 Dec 2014

PPS  I have made a further update of Supplementary Paper 5 and also introduced a new main section "Genetic Family Trees" which includes the latest "Clan Irwin Phylogenetic Tree" and the new "Border Irwin Phylogenetic Tree" which shows the pay-off for the L555 BigY testees to date and the potential of further such BigY tests.  We now have 6 L555 BigY test results but need another 9, one representative from each of the BB, BD, BE, Bel, B9, B14, B15, B16 and B23 sub-groups.   
James M Irvine, 25 Jan. 2015
PPPS  We now have BigY tests for BE and B9 in hand, so only need volunteers for BB, BD, Bel,  B14, B15, B16 and B23 sub-groups.   
James M Irvine, 6 March 2015